Breed Study

     Breed Study 1 & 2 was a complete success! You can still get the box, 
it will have a few different colors from what you see here. The fiber's still in stock though, it's a simple fix.  Here's what's in the box.

      This is the only study I know of which has the fiber dyed.  Yup we really spoil our Peeps. It's an exploding rainbow of color and you'd better stand back, it will creep out of the box. Well pack over 1.5 pound of fiber into each box.
     Each box contains all types of fibers: hair/locks, down, fine and long as well as coated and is super fun. Each breed is bagged, tagged and well researched. Provided with the study is a downloadable book which continues to expand with each consecutive study.      
     There's a limit to what we can do at this low price though so there are only 16 slots. A quick search of the market revealed that this is a very good value and the only dyed study out there.

BSv3 has a lot of older breeds, come play. We will shower you with beauty in our rare and ancient breed box.

ORDER HERE-outside the USA will pay the USA shipping and the button for where you live per drop down box.

BS v.1 Still available for a short time.


BS v.2

Ship to?

BS v.3

Ship to?
  • Updated 8-11-17 still waiting for many different varieites of fibers to come in from orders placed around 7-4. The last big chunk of fiber should be here by the end of this month. Then we need to clean it and dye it and we can only dye one breed at a time so that we don't get them mixed up. Hope to begin shipping end of September at the latest.
  • Make sure your Paypal info is correct. We are shipping to that address. If your outside the US please put your phone number into the notes section in case the PO has trouble finding you.
  • Chat happens on our Ravelry group in the Breed Study thread. Your thoughts about each breed, uses, sharing your swatches made from the fiber, etc.
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#1 Box of Rambo x Cormo and Teeswater comes in.
#2 Teeswater beginning process.
#3 Update on fibers
#4 Combing and techniques you are going to love.

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