Scarlet Pimpernel

     As we begin our year of knitting through the classics... the first pattern takes inspiration from The Scarlet Pimpernel, movie starring Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon. 
 When you watch the movie, throughout you'll see that the Scarlet Pimpernel's calling card is a red flower stamped or drawn onto paper. At the very end of the movie the Heroine discovers the scarlet rose on a portrait as it all comes together for her. Watch the movie here

For this KAL we are making a set of gloves, scarf and matching hat. We have cables, lace and beads to keep your interest. These items can be worked in one of two different sock weight bases from our Siren line. I love my set, it's the perfect accessories to keep warm with my long black duster, or to spruce up blue jeans. Sqwee! 😉 This set will look amazing on everyone.

Pre-orders are now, "open, open open." Remember that? See this vid time stamp: 28 seconds.

Yarn Bases: 
  1. Siren Silky Merino Sock 50/50 silk/merino 380 yards/100 grams, $25 each
  2. Bamboo Sock 65/20/15 SW merino/bamboo/silk 380 yards/100 grams, $20 each
Three skeins of yarn are needed for each kit set.

They are both awesome great bases, choose whichever you like best. Both are next to skin soft, comfortable and cuddly as with all our yarns.  If you like sheen, go for the silk.
     We are using our new color Phoenix, so many of you have raved about it, time to put it into play. Since the bases are not 100% super wash the yarn reads red, yet has lovely blips of the rainbow coming through. Between the color, the beads, the cables, twisted stitches and the lace, it will keep you singing, "just keep knitting, just keep knitting". (Dory)  Until you have knit the night away, if you are anything like me that is.


Root beer colored seed beads, with the rainbow coating in size 6/0. Fantastic color to complement Phoenix. The kit will have more then enough (65 grams) to work up entire set. 

Think about adding a bead box and sticky jar, you can find them below for your convenience.

I fell in love with these little pretties. Purse/project fob on the left has a millefloiri bead, Czech pressed flowers, real garnets and cone shaped acrylic flowers. Antique brass findings complete the look.
 Stitch markers on the right have the same and more, the white cone flower is coral. The first 5 people to order get the enamel double cherry lobster. The first 10 people get the London double decker bus.  Which is is fabulous! It's 3-D and you can get inside,,,, if you are super tiny. :-)  As always they are subject to change without notification.  Only happens if the set sells better then expected. If we have to substitute it will be with equal or greater valued pieces. Stitch Markers-Coral, flowers, bus and cherry's sold out fast.

IMPORTANT INFORMATIONPlease read this before ordering. 
  • If your email is not present or incorrect we will not be able to contact you if there is a problem with your order.  
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to dye, pack and ship your order.
  • Pattern is sold separately at Ravelry you're responsible to get your copy.
  • Chat happens on Ravelry, in our group. There are contests with prizes just for knitting on anything! Come join the fun.
  • Sign up for our Newsletter Yahoo Group to know when we are dyeing and shipping. Also free patterns are given away, join to win!
Contents of Kit 1: yarn, beads, stitch markers, purse fob less a 10% discount.
Kit 2: yarn, beads, sm's-no discount

ORDER KITS HERE-then see below- Use drop down boxes to place order. Outside USA put phone # into Notes, find shipping below. BTW, drop down box says Kit 2 on the silk, you get everything listed above.


Outside USA use box below for additional shipping. Notions available below too. If cart overcharges for shipping on additional items, some or all of it will be refunded after you place your order.  The only way we will need more shipping is if you order everything and are in the USA. 😏 Outside the USA will all ship under the same price.

Five different needles are needed, if you get the set above you will receive ChiaoGoo fixed 32" and a set of bamboo DPN's. 
  1. US size 0/2.00mm, 32 inch circular for gloves
  2. US size 7/4.5mm 32 inch circular or straight needles scarf
  3. US size 5/3.75 mm DPN to start-hat
  4. US size 5/3.75 mm circular needle to continue hat
  5. US size 1/2.25mm-32 inch circular hat brim
You'll also need a hook to place beads, recommend the HiyaHiya size 13/.90mm

FIXED CIRCULAR NEEDLES Red cable for Lace knitters, these cables have metal inside so they come out of the pack straight and will stay that way.  No more fighting with the cable.

NOTE: cart shows 60 inch, you want the 32".  Please be sure to add needle size from drop down box.

Size and Length
Needle size
Bead Organizers

Blue Round (colors vary)


Sticky Jar



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