What the Fade?

Andrea Mowry is making another fade in the form of an MKAL. Her shawls are amazing, this one is bound to be also.  You can order any base, any color, skies the limit.
s, What the Fade?! See this video for the first Fades. We'ed love to paint something up for you in one of our normal colors or something new.
Below are all done on Medium Sock, except Rainbow which is on Imp Sock-and can be repeated on any base. 
    OOOOH MY just had a thought, G-6 does really well on the Siren 100% silk, I bet this would be an amazing base!! Any takers? The pales would do best I'm thinking as that yarn goes pale or goes to the kettle, doesn't like hand paints so much.

This one is an unintentional fade as we painted up a friends kitties for her. So many people have asked for it that I have included it here. This is on the Elf Kisses base, if changed to a SW base the colors will be much more vibrant and saturated.
Miri's Kitties

Miri's Kitties close up left

Miri's Kitties close up right


Violets up close left

Violets up close right

Peacock on 50/50 Siren Silk

Peacock close up left

Peacock close up right

Nat's Place

Nat's Place close up left

Nat's Place close up right


Island close up left

Island close up right

Purple Mountain Majesties

Purple Mountain Majesties close up left

Purple Mountain Majesties close up right

Dawn-sold repeatable

Rainbow-on Imp Sock

Rainbow close up left

Rainbow close up right

Old Friends

Old Friends close up left

Old Friends close up right

Gunslinger-sold repeatable

Gunslinger close up left

Gunslinger close up right

Pixie Dust below had a major problem which turned into a happy accident, while it's mostly repeatable it will be different
Pixie Dust-OOAK -available

Pixie Dust close up left

Pixie Dust close up right
1. You can make a kit from our colors,,,, just decide what you colors you like from the colors page or send color swatches
2. Beloved pet? vacation? send a photo over, skies the limit to wmdress at sbcglobal dot net
3. Try one of our existing Gradients or Cupcakes

Another will be painted next week along with a red/purple.
 Starting with the whitish yellow, moving to the vibrant orange/red and then the deep purple/blue, coated in Pixie Dust of alternating colors.
The price is a lot lower then the original kits are as our yarn costs less then the suggested yarn for this KAL.  You will receive 6 full skeins, we've reduced the price on the gold and silver shot here just for you.

You can order any of our bases on our bases page and get a completely unique Mystery Fade from us. Highly recommend the gradients and cupcakes from that page as they are all perfect for this KAL, we can Pixie Dust/sprinkle any color




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